Bond Street Ticket Hall to Central Eastbound (Platform 2)

Route Description

Route 1

  1. Ticket Hall
    Ticket Office
    Ticket Machine - Cards only
    Ticket Machine - Coins & cards
    Ticket Machine - Coins only
    Ticket Machine - Coins,Card and Oyster TopUp
    ATM Cash Machine
  2. Ticket Gates
  3. Level 7m
  4. Ramp 3m Up
    Ramp: Moderate
  5. Level 7.5m
  6. Escalator Down
  7. Level 3m
  8. Level 31m
  9. Stairs 21 Down
  10. Level 4.2m
  11. Central Eastbound (Platform 2)
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Route Diagram

Symbols Explained:

  • Level ground Level ground
  • Ticket Hall or Oyster point Ticket Hall or Oyster point
  • Platform Platform
  • Stairs Stairs
  • Escalator Escalator
  • Ramp or slope Ramp or slope
  • Ticket Gates Ticket Gates
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