Victoria Metro

Victoria Metro

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Victoria Railway Station
Station Approach
Todd Street
M3 1PB

Information on Victoria Metro

Victoria Tram Station is located inside Victoria Train Station, which is situated between Corporation Street and Victoria Station Approach
Photograph 3320LG.jpgManchester Victoria station is the second of Manchester's mainline railway stations. It is located to the north of the city centre on Hunts Bank, virtually adjacent to Manchester Cathedral. The line from Bury was converted to light rail operation in the early 1990s when the Metrolink tram system was created, and the trams switch to on-street running once they emerge from the side wall of Victoria Station.
Photograph 3321LG.jpgThere is a coin only ticket machine located on the concourse for Victoria Station at the start of the ramped entrance to the metro.
The platform has 4 bench seats.
Platforms are partly under the cover of Victoria train station building and are accessed via the concourse for train station.
There are digital signs on the platform.
There are 2 Ticket machines (coin only) on the platform at accessible height.
The Platform is well lit.
There are tactile platform edges.
There are 2 telephone booths on the platform.
Photograph 3322LG.jpgAccess to the Tram from the main concourse is via either long moderate slope or three steps
Photograph 3323LG.jpgPassengers access to the tram platform is gained across the tram lines. All tram lines are inset into the ground surface and therefore passable with care
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