Tram Stop Old Market Square

Tram Stop Old Market Square

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Old Market Square

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The Old Market Square tram stop is the second stop from the main Tram Station and is located on South Parade.
Photograph 3340LG.jpgThe Old Market Square tram stop is in the heart of the city. The square is one of the oldest of its kind and has recently undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment including a number of new fountains and modern architectural features.
Photograph 3341LG.jpgThere are two glazed shelters both providing perch type seating under cover of the shelter. There is an electronic display between the two shelters showing the next tram by destination and expected time of arrival. There is also a help point on the display post for communication with a controller. This is fitted with an induction loop.
Photograph 3342LG.jpgThe approach to and from the tram platform is on level paving. The platform edge has tactile paving and there are wheelchair icons on the platform to signify where to embark the tram carriage.
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