Sarehole Mill

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Cole Bank Road
West Midlands
B13 0BD

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Access in Summary


There are bus stops available on both sides of Cole Bank Road which are approximately 50 metres from the Car Park and Main Entrance to Sarehole Mill.

Car Park

The Car Park is available for people visiting Sarehole Mill and users of the adjoining Grassland Park area. Parking is free of charge and open all year round. Please be advised that there are no parking bays marked out and the surface has loose stones present.

Access at Entrance

The Main Entrance is accessed via the Courtyard Area. Entry is via a wide, single door that opens inwards over a level threshold. There is weather protection provided here and this entrance would be wide enough for all visitors. There is an additional entrance leading directly into the 1st floor of the watermill. Customers who have difficulty negotiating stairs may use this entrance to fully explore the watermill. Visitors wishing to use this entrance must notify staff in advance. This entrance may be too narrow for some visitors, however, the location does provide a narrow wheelchair if required.


The ground floor was also known as the bagging floor. This is where the coarse ground and sieved flour were collected into bags or sacks and recorded by the Miller. On this floor is the North & South Waterwheels which, powered by sets of cogs, drive the 3 sets of millstones on the floor above. This is also where the Miller would record the amounts of crops deposited by farmers to be milled and the appropriate charges to be levied.

On the first floor of the watermill, there are many different displays depicting the history of the watermill. This includes the effect of the watermill on local trade and the maintenance of the mill. Also displayed in this area are examples of the equipment used when the watermill was active.

The 2nd floor of the mill is also known as the "garner". To garner means to collect or store. The grain brought by the ganers to be milled was stored on this floor in deep bins. The grain was released through a hole in the bottom of the bins into the millstone. This was processed one sack at a time to ensure that the Miller could keep account of whose grain he was milling.

The cafe serves a variety of hot/cold drinks and snacks and is open during the seasonal opening hours of Sarehole Mill. There is literature available about the Mill and the local area.

Access to All Areas

There is a sloped pathway leading from the courtyard to the 1st Floor Entrance. There is a handrail present and staff will assist visitors with navigating the path if required.

The mill operates a one way navigation policy to give visitors a productive and safe journey through the mill floors. The steps are all very steep and have limited headroom. Staff will assist visitors with ascending or descending the steps if required.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Facilities for partially sighted or blind people We provide facilities for people who are visually impaired. For example: Braille formats, large print, audio tapes etc.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Accessible toilets We have fully accessible toilets installed at our premises.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Customer parking facilities We provide customer car parking.
  • Parent with pushchair access Our premises are accessible to parents with a pushchair or pram.
  • Baby changing facilities We provide baby changing facilities.
  • Alternative Languages available Alternative languages available
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