Market Street Metro Stop

Market Street Metro Stop

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Market Street

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Market Street Tram Station is located at the top of Market Street between Piccadilly Gardens and High Street. The platform is located in the centre of Market Street shopping area in the middle of the road between Debenhams and Primark.
Photograph 3307LG.jpgMarket Street is one of the two principal retail streets in Manchester. It runs from Piccadilly Gardens in the east to Lower Market Street in the west. The entirety of Market Street is a pedestrian zone with motor vehicle access limited to the emergency services. The east end of the street also contains the Metrolink tram stop.
Photograph 3308LG.jpgThe Tram stop has an island platform that serves both Directions. Passengers can get on to the platform from either end using ramped or stepped access (6 steps with handrail). There are tactile strips at the tops and bottoms of ramps and steps. There are tactile strips at platform edges.
Photograph 3309LG.jpg2x coin only operated ticket machines at accessible height. No help point.
Photograph 3310LG.jpgBus style shelter on platform, no seating. Platform is well lit.
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