Bus Stop CZ

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St Marys Gate

Information on Bus Stop CZ

The bus stop is served by the following bus services :-
  • Bus stop CZ services : Routes 1 and 2
Bus Stop CZ is located at the bottom of Market Street and St Marys Gate near its junction with Corporation Street
Photograph 3289LG.jpgSt Mary gate runs through the middle of New Cathedral Street upmarket retail area of Manchester. It runs between Exchange Square and St Anne's Square. The street is home to many high fashion brands such as Harvey Nichols, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, and Henry Lloyd.
Photograph 3291LG.jpgThe Bus stop has no shelter. It does have 2 bench seats which will accommodate 4 people.
Photograph 3290LG.jpgThe approach to and from the stops are on level paving.
City Centre buses are predominantly accessible for wheelchair users. Please see the operator policies on the right hand side.
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