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Upper Parliament Street

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Bus Stops P1, 2 and 3 are within 20 metres of each other located on Upper Parliament Street.
Photograph 3720LG.jpgUpper Parliament Street is in the north of the City located close to the Victoria Shopping centre which is a hub to the latest in high street brands and the Cornerhouse which is a new attraction which has bars, restaurants, a cinema and a casino.
Photograph 3721LG.jpgEach bus stop has a glazed shelter and seating within the cover of the shelter. There is a mix of perch and bench style seating. There is a digital display board for up to the minute information.
Photograph 3722LG.jpgThe approach to and from the bus stop is on level paving. Upper Parliament Street is on a gentle gradient. There is tactile paving at the pavement edge to signify where the bus stops.
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