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Access in Summary


On Suffolk Street Queensway there is a taxi rank, this is less than 30 metres away from the entrance, and there is also a bus stop to the left of the Entrance. Buses stopping here are the 61, x62, 63, 80, 82, and 87. The bus shelter has seating available.

Car Park and Drop Off

There is a NCP car park located an St Judes Passage, this is a pay and display car park. The NCP is 60 metres away from the Alexandra Theatre. The pathway to the accessible entrance from this car park is on level ground, please note that there are no pedestrian crossings from the NCP car park to any of the 3 entrances.

There are 5 accessible parking spaces outside the John Bright Entrance. There is a clear sign to state Blue Badge Holders only. The pathway and access to the accessible entrance is 49 metres down Station Street to your left. There are no restrictions on time at the bays, just the stipulation of the blue badge being displayed on your car windscreen. There are also 9 car parking spaces located on Station Street. There is a pay and display system with a maximum stay of two hours only. The tariff is £1.30 for 30mins, 1 hr is £2.60 and up to 2 hrs is £5.10. The parking area is located just outside the accessible entrance to the Alexandra Theatre. This gives great access to the Accessible Entrance from any of the bays.

Access at Entrance Suffolk Street Queensway Entrance

The Entrance from Suffolk Street Queensway is over 3 metres in length, the Entrance has very good signage being displayed above the door, and to the left of the Entrance there is a help bell. There is a large printed sign displaying the accessible logo, The staff will then assist you or give directions to the accessible Entrance that is located on Station Street where the entrance gives good contrast to the building making it easy to distinguish and locate the Theatre. The posters on the windows also help to distinguish the building.

Accessible Entrance on Station Street

The accessible entrance is located on Station Street, there is a set of double doors that open outwards, the doors have no handles, as the customer is fully assisted at this point and is met by a member of staff. The Accessible Entrance has very good signage to indicate its location on Station Street. There is parking outside this entrance via pay and display meters on Station Street.

John Bright Street Entrance

The access to the Old Foyer is located on John Bright Street, this is under the Bridge Bar looking from outside. The Entrance has two steps leading to very wide double doors that open outwards, to the right of that Entrance there is a intercom system where the customer would speak to a member of admin staff who man this system , they will give clear instructions and dispatch a member of staff to assist. The doors are manned during a show only. The staff will assist customers in locating the Accessible Entrance.

Ticket Office

The front foyer is where you can book your tickets; the booking office opens at 10am and closes at 6pm if there are no acts taking place. When there is a show on the box office closes at 8pm. There is very good lighting within the foyer and good circulation, there is also seating available. There is a shop that sells drinks and sweets and plenty of posters and leaflet dispersers in this area. There is also a promotion desk located to the left of the foyer, this is used to sell promotional goods depending on the show, there is also a TV screen to the left of the foyer, and this promotes forthcoming events.


There is good signage to indicate the location of the accessible toilet, there is also a sign above the door, shown in bold writing as the area doesn’t have good lighting. There is also a sign to the left, which highlights the location very clearly. The sign is at an accessible height from the ground, the floor is level with the carpet throughout the area offering a non slip surface, and the carpet also flows towards the accessible toilet. The accessible toilet has the correct facilities such as an alarm cord, grab rails and large transfer area.

The accessible toilet has a baby changing unit located within the toilet this is at the height of 0.870m. Some users may find this too high. The lighting in this area in good, the big green sticker on the changing unit will also help visually impaired users to find this facility.

Access to All Areas

From the accessible entrance on Station Street, access into the Auditorium is via a corridor which then leads into the Auditorium. The Auditorium has a ramp leading to the accessible viewing bays, staff will assist customers to these areas. Wheelchair users can also access the accessible toilet from this entrance.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Facilities for partially sighted or blind people We provide facilities for people who are visually impaired. For example: Braille formats, large print, audio tapes etc.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Non assisted wheelchair access Full, non-assisted, wheelchair access into our premises is possible.
  • Facilities for the mobility impaired We provide facilities for people with a mobility impairment. For example: A seating area, hand rails etc.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Sign language for deaf people We offer a sign language service; please ask our staff for full details.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Intercom outside of the premises An intercom is available at the entrance providing communication with our staff.
  • Staff assistance available Our staff have been trained to offer excellent service levels, please ask if you have any particular requirements.
  • Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Low payment counters or an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard.
  • Parent with pushchair access Our premises are accessible to parents with a pushchair or pram.
Taxi Rank.
Car Park.
Accessible Street Parking.
Access at Entrance Suffolk Street Queensway Entrance.
Accessible Entrance on Station Street.
Access at the Entrance.
Ticket Office.
Accessible Toilet.
Baby Changing Unit.
Access to All Areas.
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