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Beeches Hotel and Conference Centre

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76 Selly Oak Road
B30 1LS

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Access in Summary

Car Park and Drop Off

There is an accessible parking bay located at the Carillon Conference Suite; this is less than 30 metres from the entrance to the Conference room. There is an accessible parking sign at windscreen level to the right of the bay; the route from the bay is across the car park and up a shallow ramp to the Conference Suite.

There are two accessible parking bays located on the access road that leads to the main reception, there is a sign at windscreen level, and the bays are only 40 metres away from the reception desk. The route to the main entrance from the accessible parking bays are on firm level tarmac ground.

Access at Entrance


The Main Entrance has two large double doors; the doors open inwards with a non slip matt at the threshold. There is an intercom system at the entrance; this is located to the right of the entrance. The entrance has a 70mm step up at the threshold; however there is a temporary ramp that is put out in advance of the customer’s arrival if the hotel is aware of a customer coming. The reception desk is just inside the entrance and the staff are more than willing to help customers.


The reception counter is located to the right as you enter into the reception lobby area. The counter has a dark wooden trim that runs around the desk, this gives good contrast. There is an induction loop at the reception desk for hard of hearing customers and the staff and Manager are very committed to giving their customers first class service and making them feel welcome. There is also fresh fruit at the reception desk for customers, this is a welcome service and it is free.


There is an accessible toilet located in the main corridor to the Carillon Conference Suite, the fixtures offer contrast to the floor and the walls. There is also an unisex toilet within the corridor, the circulation in both toilets are good, the access is all on level ground, and the space within the accessible toilet is very good making turning a wheelchair round very easy with clear transfer space .

The unisex toilet is located in the main corridor that leads to the Carillon Conference Suite, there is good circulation within the toilet and the door is very easy to operate and the handle is at an accessible height.

There is a very well appointed accessible toilet located at the top of the corridor that leads to the Bar and Lounge, there is an alarm system within the toilet, the reset button is controlled at the reception desk and there is a red light located above the door to indicate a person requires help.

Access to All Areas

There is good access to Carillon Conference Suite via a ramp, the accessible car park is 30 metres in front of the conference room. The best route to the Carillon Conference Suite is from the main entrance externally, this involves the customer being told at the point of booking the Suite that any mobility impaired delegates can drive straight up to this conference suite, and park directly in front of it or the reception staff will give the delegates clear instruction on the best route for wheelchair users.

Access to the Bar and Lounge Area from the Main Entrance

The Bar and Lounge are not on the same level as the reception. The Access to the area is via a corridor that will take you up to this level . Once on the Bar and Lounge area there are Male and Female toilets, there is also a fully accessible toilet at the top of the corridor leading from the reception. The customers using the Hotel are well catered for regarding accessibility in this area.

Accessible Lift to the Restaurant

There is a fully accessible lift at the top of the corridor that takes you to the Bar and Lounge area. The lifts main purpose is to get people to the Restaurant that is located on the upper floor. The lift has very clear instructions on how to use it, both on the outside and inside of the Lift. There are also audible instructions.

Standard Bedroom

There is one accessible bedroom available at the Hotel, and the standard bedroom has an en-suite bathroom available.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Facilities for partially sighted or blind people We provide facilities for people who are visually impaired. For example: Braille formats, large print, audio tapes etc.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Facilities for the mobility impaired We provide facilities for people with a mobility impairment. For example: A seating area, hand rails etc.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Accessible toilets We have fully accessible toilets installed at our premises.
  • Sign language for deaf people We offer a sign language service; please ask our staff for full details.
  • Facilities for hard of hearing people We offer facilities for hard of hearing people.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Customer parking facilities We provide customer car parking.
  • Accessible car parking We provide accessible car parking spaces for disabled customers.
  • Intercom outside of the premises An intercom is available at the entrance providing communication with our staff.
  • Temporary ramp available We provide temporary ramps to improve access to the building.
  • Staff assistance available Our staff have been trained to offer excellent service levels, please ask if you have any particular requirements.
  • Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Low payment counters or an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard.
  • Customer lift provided A customer lift has been provided.
  • Accessible lift provided An accessible customer lift has been installed, improving access for wheelchair users.
  • Specialised adult changing facilities Specialised adult changing facilities are available. These include hoists, adjustable benches and are large enough for two carers.
  • Alternative Languages available Alternative languages available
  • Accessible Bedroom Available
Conference Car Park.
Accessible Parking Bay.
Access at the Main Entrance.
Carillon Suite Toilets.
Unisex Toilets.
Accessible Toilet near the Bar and Lounge.
Access to All Areas.
Access to Bar and Lounge.
Accessible Lift.
Standard Bedroom.
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